Polishing of the metal surface to achieve the best roughness and thousandths geometric tolerances.

We achieve particularly low roughness up to RA 0.05, through the polishing process.

Concentricity and linearity that depending on the diameter can reach 0.001 mm.

How is honing service done?

Honing is carried out using specific machines and the process involves the polishing of surfaces with a particular compound made up of an abrasive component, which can be made up of different types of material (diamond dust, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, boron carbide).

All while maintaining important lubrication, in order to improve the polishing process with temperature control during the working time.

Quality control

Our quality control uses the following precision tools:

MMQ 150 Mahr Roundness Meter

Entry-level cylindrical measurement technology.

The MMQ 150 is used to ensure extreme precision.

Depending on their function, many precision mechanical components allow increasingly reduced deviations from the ideal geometric shape. Currently, the tolerance margins for the shape and size of industrially produced pieces are sub-micrometric, up to reaching dimensions of nanometers. In addition, it is important to consider that the components often have to be produced in millions of identical copies for several years.

To ensure that there are no problems in the assembly phase or with spare parts, only minimal deviations from the nominal values in the assembly dimensions and space requirements are allowed. It is therefore clear how important the measurement technology of production is a fundamental component of the production process.

Profile projector

Projector is a very precise instrument, equipped with a quick release for rapid movement. Thanks to its 3-axis viewer (x, y, angles) and the geometric processor for the calculation of radii, diameters, angles and wheelbases it provides clear and defined images for measurements of particular and complex.

Why choose our services?

Experience, reliability, precision.

+ 30

years of experience in industry


honing machines


⌭ achieved


RA achieved

The working process

Each product is born from careful planning and a rigorous working process, where each phase is important for achieving the final quality of the piece.

Technical analysis

The working process begins by analyzing the technical drawings that are provided to us.


If the design analysis is successful, production is started

Final quality control

The first pieces produced are analyzed and checked to verify their quality.

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